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Can I change my booking?

You can change your booking details if needed 24 hours before the booking time. Please call the cleaner directly to cancel. Bookings that are cancelled on the day will unfortunately not be refunded as the cleaner may already be on her way to you.

Do I need to provide cleaning products?

Yes, please make sure all products and equipment that the cleaner will need are provided on site. Our cleaners can unfortunately not bring any products or equipment with them as they are travelling on public transport.

Do I need to provide transport for my cleaner?

No, the cleaner will make her own way to you. You can make a contribution to her travelling costs when you book if you would like to.

Do I need to provide food for my cleaner?

The cleaners do not expect customers to provide food. If you choose to do so it will no doubt be greatly appreciated by them.

Can I book a cleaner long term?

Our booking form has an option for you to make a recurring booking. You can choose to do a weekly, bi monthly or once a month booking with the cleaner you select. You will only be billed for the first booking and thereafter will receive an invoice payment link every week for the next booking.

Can I request a specific cleaner?

You choose the cleaner you wish to work with on the booking form. You can scroll through the list of available cleaners in your area and select who you’d like to work with.

What happens if my cleaner cancels within 24 hours before the booking?

The cleaner should notify both you and Fix Forward that they are unable to make the booking. You have the option to either cancel your booking for a full refund or request an alternative cleaner to attend to you on the same day your booking was made for. We are closed over the weekend and therefore are not able to facilitate the provision of an alternative cleaner after Friday afternoon if it is a weekend booking.

What will happen if I’m not at home at the time of the booking?

The cleaner will wait for 45 minutes for you to arrive. If after that, they still do not have access to the site, the cleaner will leave and you will be charged the full booking fee.

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