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The Cleaning Fix is a self-service platform – we don’t have a client service team. This allows us to pay the Home Hero 100% of the booking fee and ultimately means you get a far better cleaning experience, as the Home Heroes earn more and are therefore more eager to do a good job.

Refund Policy
Important to note – Since this is a platform and NOT a service, we have a limited refund policy. This means that once a cleaner arrives at your house and completes the booking, there is no option for a refund. If you are dissatisfied with the service delivered and you want a refund, this is to be negotiated directly with the cleaner. 

Your options for poor service delivery are to not book that cleaner again and to leave
them a fair but honest review.

Refunds will be granted in the following three instances ONLY:
1. You cancel more than 24 hours in advance
2. You cancel within 1 hour of making a last minute booking
3. If the cleaner does not show up.
Below are some additional guidelines and FAQs to help ensure you have the best possible experience.

How do I make a booking?

You will begin by creating an account and setting up your customer profile. You will only need to do this once. 

Once this is set up, you will be able to make and manage bookings by logging in to your account. Navigate to ‘My Bookings’ in your account dashboard, hit ‘Create Booking’ and simply follow the prompts.

How do I log into my account?
How do I know if my booking is confirmed?

You will receive an email titled ‘Cleaning Fix Booking Confirmation’ however we advise logging in to your profile to check the status of your booking. Here you will also have the option of chatting to your Home Hero.

In the unlikely event that she is unable to take your booking, you will be notified and other Home Heroes in your area will be invited to take the booking in her place. You’ll be able to keep tabs on this in your account dashboard.

Can I change my booking?

You cannot currently change your booking to a different date, but you can cancel the booking, on the web app, and rebook. If you cancel more than 24 hours before the start time you will receive a full refund. Within 24 hours of the start time you receive NO refund. 

How do I cancel my booking?

Sign in to the web app and navigate to ‘My Bookings’ in your account dashboard. Open the relevant booking details and hit ‘Cancel booking’. If you cancel more than 24 hours before the start time you will receive a full refund. Within 24 hours of the start time you receive NO refund.

Do I need to provide transport for my cleaner?

No, the cleaner will make her own way to you. You can make a contribution to her travelling costs when you book if you would like to.

I have canceled, when can I expect my refund?

You can expect your refund within 3-5 business days of booking cancellation.

My Home Hero has not arrived.

Sign in to the web app and navigate to ‘My Bookings’ in your account dashboard. Open the relevant booking details and hit ‘Cleaner did not arrive’ and you will be guided through the refund process. This option will only appear 45 minutes after the booking start time. 

What if the Home Hero is late?

Please allow a 30-minute grace period for the Home Hero’s arrival time. It is tough getting anywhere on time using public transport.

If you need to leave promptly after the booked start time, either book 30 minutes earlier than you want them to arrive, or call/message them on the day to check they are on their way.

If the Home Hero arrives more than 30 minutes late you have the option on the web app  to mark the Home Hero as not arrived. You will be refunded your booking in full.

If the Home Hero arrives more than 30 minutes late and you still want her to work, you can negotiate with her to stay a bit longer.

How do I get in touch with my Home Hero?

Sign in to the web app and navigate to ‘My Bookings’ in your account dashboard. Open the relevant booking details you’ll see a chat icon. Use this to message or call your Home Hero.

How do I write a review?

Once your booking is complete, you will automatically be prompted to leave a review the next time you visit the web app .

Do I need to provide cleaning products?

Yes, please make sure all products and equipment that the cleaner will need are provided on site. Our cleaners can unfortunately not bring any products or equipment with them as they are traveling on public transport.

Can I make a booking for tomorrow?

You are able to make next day bookings with The Cleaning Fix if there are Home Heroes available on that day. This counts as a “Last Minute” booking and an additional R50 will be added to the standard booking fee.

I have a coupon code. How do I apply my coupon code to my booking?

Follow the usual booking process and when you reach the ‘Payment and Billing’ screen, you will see a ‘Coupon’ section. Type in the code and hit ‘Apply’ and your discount will be applied to the total booking fee.

What if the Home Hero doesn’t do a good job?

It’s up to you to monitor the quality of the service that the Home Hero provides. Check in from time to time during the day to see progress and attention to detail.

If you are not at home while the cleaning is happening, then there is of course a risk that the cleaning is not up to standard. This is rare, but can happen.

If it does happen, your only recourse is to note the issues in your review of the Home Hero. The Home Hero will still be paid in full as we don’t have someone on the ground to assess or verify work quality. 

Are my valuables safe?

It’s up to you to ensure that all your valuables are safely locked away.

If something valuable does go missing there is no real recourse. Even opening a case with the police won’t yield any result, as it becomes a ‘he said, she said’ situation, unless there is hard evidence. 

Can I hire a Home Hero privately?

Yes we encourage clients to strike up direct arrangements with Home Heroes. We ask that you please continue paying the same rate as on our platform, to ensure the women earn a living wage and continue to provide the best service.

Do the Home Heroes take a lunch break during a full-day booking?

Yes, by law workers are entitled to a 1-hour lunch break for an 8-hour working day.

Can I get the Home Hero to do work in the garden?

No, the Home Heroes are there only to clean your home. They can’t be expected to work in the garden at all.

What should I do if I have dogs?

Being in someone’s home with strange dogs can be a frightening, unpleasant experience. If you have dogs that are in any way aggressive or over-overfriendly, please secure them in an area away from where the Home Hero will be working.

What if the Home Hero does not finish cleaning within the booking times?

We highly recommend ensuring that the list you give the Home Hero to complete is reasonable for the time allowed. Communicate with your Home Hero – double check that they are clear on what is expected of them and whether they foresee any issues.

Home Hero Safety

Please do not ask the Home Hero to do anything potentially unsafe, like climbing up ladders or cleaning in high places without safety gear – if they are injured on site, you are liable.

If a client mistreats a Home Hero they are able to report it on the app. If two Home Heroes lay a complaint against a client the client’s profile will be automatically blocked.

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